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Splityourticket is now a member of the Lyoness Global shopping community. By registering with our loyalty programme you will receive 2% cashback on all your rail bookings made through the Splityourticket site as well as receiving shopping points. The 2% cashback is applied to all rail bookings made through this site, including those direct journeys that cannot be split. By registering with Lyoness you will also open up access to cashback and shopping points when you shop with any one of the Lyoness 54000 global loyalty merchants, many of which are in the UK. Shopping Points are an additional benefit given to you while shopping with the many Lyoness merchants, including Splityourticket, which can be redeemed through the online loyalty merchants registered with Lyoness.

Note: Cashback and benefits are paid through the Lyoness programme and allocated within 48 hours of the completion of your journey or the expiry date of your purchased ticket unless already surrendered for a refund. If you do not register for a free account with Lyoness you will not be able to receive any cashback or benefits from Splityourticket.

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