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About Us

Splityourticket.co.uk was launched on 23rd April 2007, and is a web site that offers advice on how to legitimately break your journey down into smaller chunks and pay less for the privelage. At this moment in time it is aimed solely at the Rail industry. There are a number of different web sites that offer cheap train ticket advice, but at splityourticket.co.uk we are aiming our service at those people who wish to make a return journey on the same day using the walk-on fares available.

We are not agents and do not take any money from you.

If you need to make a rail journey you should make splityourticket.co.uk your first port of call. If there is information on suitable splits available, you can use the links provided to go and book you tickets. If no suitable splits are avilable at the time you can still link to a number of different sites and order your tickets - but remember to keep checking splityourticket.co.uk on a regular basis as fares information is updated regularly.

The idea behind the website comes from working in the industry for nearly thirty years and identifying this niche market opportunity that will benefit thousands of rail customers every year.

Feel free to provide feedback on our service by using the enquiry form from the main menu.