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Split Your Ticket - save money on your uk railway journeys
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Ever found it difficult to get that cheap return train ticket you really wanted or left things to the last minute and all the cheap tickets had gone?

Worry not, because you can usually split your journey into smaller chunks, stay on the same train as long as the train calls at that station, and pay less than an anytime or off peak return fare.

Of course the easiest option is to book early and get hold of one of the many discounted fares offered by the individual train operators, otherwise enter your journey details above and see if there are any suitable alternatives that could save you money.

If you wanted to travel from Station A to Station C, you would expect to buy a ticket direct from A to C.
With Split Your Ticket, depending on your route you may find it cheaper to buy a ticket from A to B and B to C.
You still complete the same journey from A to C but stay on the same train without getting off - saving money!
How Split Your Ticket works
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